Yeager Technologies provides the world's deepest and most complete level of customer insight. We prove in every project that our approach obtains the full story about your target audience's needs, wants, outcomes, beliefs, choices, motivations and complete decision strategy.

This results in more certain and longer lasting results for your marketing team compared to approaches that provide only isolated, "fractionated" information - and allows you to save money by eliminating many of those approaches.


Benefits of working with Yeager Technologies:

  • Receive the bird's eye view as well as all the detailed insight into all the components of your audience's brand decision

  • Learn how to leverage those components to create the most compelling communications, positioning and marketing programs so your brand is chosen first

  • Receive a specific, certain and actionable roadmap to guide your future marketing strategy and communications

  • Secure an important and measurable advantage over your competitors.


Virtually any sales, marketing or advertising objective can be achieved

Virtually any sales, marketing or advertising objective can be achieved using our proven, out-of-the-box customer insight technology that identifies precisely how your target audience actually thinks, decides and becomes persuaded to choose one brand over another. Once you know this, creating the most compelling and influential messaging for your brand is easy.

Our clients were often frustrated with ads that scored highly in awareness, likeability or recall but didn't persuade. Or ads with award-winning creative appeal that didn't persuade.

They often tell us our technology comes as close to actually reading their target audience's mind as is possible. That is why we can confidently state that virtually any sales, marketing or advertising objective can be achieved.



A few of the top reasons why companies seek our expertise:

  1. Results: Our track record of over 40 years of research and over 30 years of battle-tested success in helping Fortune 500 companies grow sales through  customer insights and the resulting messaging that actually cause a change of mind in our clients' favor.  

  2. Comprehensive: To understand their target audience at the deepest possible level and better than their competition. To learn the whole story that matters to their audience including all the conscious and unconscious motivations and cause-effect mechanisms required to persuade their audience from "no" to "yes".

  3. Blueprint: To receive a comprehensive and actionable checklist they and their agency can use to create optimally persuasive communications, positioning and marketing programs on their first attempt - a checklist that serves as a fail-safe blueprint for their success.  

  4. Certainty: The certainty and peace-of-mind provided through our scientific, objective and common-sense approach.


Make your brand your target audience's first choice

We have identified eight unique macro components and dozens of micro components that comprise a decision strategy.

Any or all of these components can matter in making your brand your audience's first choice because they determine:

  • The most persuasive strategy and positioning.

  • The most persuasive advertising and communications, including "what to say" and "how to say it".

  • The most persuasive value-proposition.

  • The most persuasive marketing and promotional programs.

  • How to differentiate even in commodity markets.

  • How to change your target audience's mind from "no" to "yes".

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